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Preferable way of indicating a specific board on a software platform

Suppose that a software platform has the following architecture: Workspace A Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Workspace B Board 4 Board 5 Board 6 And each space is custom-named by users like below: ...
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Testing Information Architecture with limited participants

I understand that a way to test IA is through tree testing. However, a lot of articles mentioned that tree testing requires at least 30 participants (best 50 participants). How else can we test our ...
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Alternative to tabs in long list?

I've been asked to build a page that lists 6 features. - 2 of these features are bundled : basic + premium (they are managed on separate Apps) - 4 features can be purchased separately. - All features ...
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Can someone tell me SIMPLY the difference between site maps and IA Document?

1ST QUESTION: What is the difference between these two types of paper or electronic documents often created during a UX process for a website or app: 1) Information Architecture document (IA ...
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Other term for "user experience"

User Experience usually refers to human-computer interaction, but the underlying concepts and research methods are relevant to many other fields, particularly the built environment (architecture, ...
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How to enforce shoes removal in a lobby/house?

I just moved to a new flat, and I've a personal habit of removing my shoes when entering my flat, similar to the custom in some Asian cultures. This is in order to keep the house clean, and feel the ...
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Create a 'detective board' for a web application

I would like to create a map of the web application that we are building at the company that I work at. I'd like to stress that it HAS to be physical, so not created digitally. I feel that paper, ...
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Where is the intersection between Information Architecture with Software Architecture?

Where is the intersection between Information Architecture with Software Architecture? When you start a new project, usually the software architecture starts its development and UX designer begins ...
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creating documents in folder system

I have a large document management system that manages 1000s of documents. The organisation of this needs to be tightly controlled so it doesn't turn into a mess. The way it works right now is that ...
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