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refers a certain state an application may be in at any point during user interaction

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How do I convey to the user that clicking the background of a popup modal will close it?

On my website, on some pages you can click on an image to view it in a large popup at the centre of the screen with a transparent black border around it. I added a feature where if you click the ...
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UX of a "publish" button with three states

I am making a school webapp. Teachers have an editor from which they can create exercises. Exercises are meant to be used to create exams/assignments, or they can be made publicly available to ...
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Hidden screens and hidden states in your app, how do you surface them all when redesigning?

We're making a change to our pricing model that will mean we need to update a number of system messages and upgrade prompts throughout the interface. These messages are largely based on user context, ...
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How long to keep the UI state of an app, when app is in background? (Android)

I'm designing an Android app that lets people observe medical data. Besides seeing live data, users can scroll back to inspect earlier data. I'm trying to decide if, when a user scrolls back to see ...
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Recommended browser back button behaviour for SPA's

Our company is building an SPA and we're having a discussion about the best behavior for the browser back button. The SPA is a management tool with a lot of tables and filters. Every time a filter is ...
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Saving Filter State in an application

Our application has a case where you can filter a list of projects with a checkbox to show only your projects. A few members of our development team have requested that state of that filter remain ...
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Questions regarding Auto Save feature

I have added an autosave feature to my web app, but I couldn't think of whether it's toggle place or default value on page load. I'm thinking of remembering it's state with localStorage when the user ...
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Design pattern for dashboard components and state refresh

I'm building a SPA with React as the front end. It basically consists of a dashboard-like page with 3 separate (but semi-connected) components. The components are: a messages/notifications area - ...
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How to show & change different states of a system for supply chain

Two ways I can think of in regards to supply chain is a drop down showing order status such as not started, processed shipped. Or a slider like mechanism showing progress towards the end similar to ...
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How is the UX principle called that the user should know in what state the system is?

I know there is a term in UX to describe the situation where the user is aware of the state of the system (or lack of it). For example when filling a form, after clicking Save, and user has not a way ...
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How to convey that the feature has complicated connectivity requirements in a mobile app?

I have a complicated iBeacon based mobile app. To get to the end of the “happy path” -app functional, the following has to be true: Internet reachable Bluetooth enabled Bluetooth permission granted ...
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Preferential behaviour for displaying empty row states

Given a UI component is part of a control used to manage a collection of business items - in this case cargo's in a manifest - I'm trying to explore the preferential behaviour for the component when ...
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Application state visibility from far away

I'm curious if there is any way to display the current application state in a good way, so it is visible from far away. Currently it is done as you can see in the image. The task is, to see the ...
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Using multiple buttons to switch between application state

I have a situation where user can switch between two modes of working with an application. To show which mode the application is currently in, I would like to use two buttons. One with a disabled ...
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Change Password Control

My idea of manage password section is to enable only Current password field at first. If the user enters correct password in the field only then the fields beneath it would go in enable state. Would ...
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Can I use icons to indicate state?

I am working on a web product that deals with music education. Teachers can give assignments and attach instructions to that assignment. Not every assignment will have instructions attached to it. ...
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Visualise the current state of an application [closed]

I'm working on an application where the user can have different states. Depending on the chosen state, the application would have different functionality. The application allows the user to create ...
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Downsides of the undo-action approach for slow connections

Trello does the undo-approach. Instead of showing a loader after adding a member to a card, they immediately add it to the board, and then undo the action if an error occurs. In addition, they show a ...
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Web Application API action synchronicity

The title is vague, sorry. The issue to which I am referring to I will illustrate with 2 examples. 1)You fill in a form to add a new resource and click save, the request commences to the server and ...
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Tasks State Colors with Icons

I am currently trying to implement a task system that can have 5 "states". I've been playing with icons to differentiate between each, but also speculated that colors would be beneficial to include. ...
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How best to distinguish between "available", "not yet available" and "will never become available"?

In Team Fortress 2, the Engineer can construct buildings. He can build one of each type of building, and they cost different amounts of Metal to build. Therefore, the buildings on his menu can be in ...
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What is the initial state of an application called?

Typically this would be the state in which a user would see hints or be prompted to take a tour. What's the correct UX terminology for this? Something along the lines of pristine/dirty as in forms?
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Dialog box button behavior based on state

I have a dialog that upon opening performs some data validation (none of the data visible). The dialog is determining whether an action can be taken or not. The dialog has only two buttons - OK and ...
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Should a device charger provide a visual indication that it is charging?

I just bought my brother an iPad and noticed there isn’t any visual indication on the charger when it's in an active charging state. Why wouldn’t a designer provide some visual feedback? ...
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How can a webapp show whether polling is on or off, without looking like it is stuck?

ACRA's web client polls a server every N seconds. Polling can be on or off. The UI is currently a clickable GIF image: when polling is on when polling is off Clicking the icon switches on/off (on ...
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Should a user be prevented from making an invalid selection or denied with an error message after the fact?

In my UI, there is an icon for ‘Open File’. When user clicks this icon, a normal file browser window opens. The user selects a file by browsing through the computer. The user should only select ...
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Looking for a HCI term for when a system has several modes of operation

I'm looking for a term which I'm pretty convinced exists but I have forgotten. Roughly, it describes the fact that a system or tool has several modes of operation / states and behaves differently in ...
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What is the best way to show the user that their changes have not been saved yet?

I have a form with the normal sets of controls (checkboxes, select dropdowns, text input, etc) and i also have a table inside of the form so it looks like this: to Add / Edit items in the table, you ...
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How to organize list based content, newest to oldest or vice versa?

In our application we have a ticket tool that allows you to create simple to complex tickets, and start a comment stream for collaboration. Current UI: Currently we have the UI structure with ...
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reducing automation effects using design

I'm involved in a project where user actions are translated to automatic flow. Previous state: the user had to read the info, analyze it and take an action. Current state: the user reads a summary ...
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Is it ever acceptable to break extremely common interaction functions?

There is an adage in web UX which goes 'Don't break the back button' which refers to the fact that the back button in a browser is such a consistent function that to create a situation where it's ...
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