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Apple Inc. are a technology company who produce consumer electronics. Their UX philosophy and design aesthetic is famous for its user-centric walled-garden approach, and has been responsible for the popularisation of innovations like the GUI and mobile touch interfaces.

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39 votes
4 answers

Is Apple's or Google's meaning of the three-horizontal-bar icon more popular?

Apple and Google are going head-to-head to define meaning of the three-horizontal-bars icon: In iOS this icon means "drag me to rearrange items in a list" while Google Chrome's version means "click ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How should Likert scale options be ordered?

I was asked to give feedback after chatting with Apple support. It seems odd that Apple would ask for feedback in this manner: High to Low (5 - 1). I would expect it to ask for feedback this way: Low ...
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30 votes
6 answers

What is the iOS alternative to a radio button?

There is a radio button in android and WEB but what is the best alternative in iOS? And please don't say segmented control becuase it's not working in my case. The case is a list of items 3-6 which ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What are the "success" and "failure" vibration patterns in Apple Watch, and iPhone 7 haptic?

I want to imitate the Apple Watch "success" and "failure" vibration patterns in my custom app. Does anyone have the following information for the various user experiences Intensity Timing Pattern (...
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5 votes
2 answers

Using Material Design on iOS

I have an Android app developed by using Material Design principles. Currently, I am planning to release it on iOS too. I read several blogs/SO posts, which state that Apple is strict about Flat ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Several buttons in navbar on iOS

I'm currently working on a app that basically follows Apple's HIG with title, back button and an additional button in navbar on all pages, but it's where my questions start. It is a search/browse ...
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