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Questions tagged [app]

An 'app' or application typically a self-contained program.

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Letting user change displayed data in overview (table)

This part of my app will be for managers who need to approve the working hours of their employees. A manager will get a overview(1) with all the hours they need to approve, also hours from employees ...
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Confirm PIN Creation on different screen

I'm working on a mobile app and we ask for the user to create PIN to access the platform. We want to ask for the PIN confirmation and I'm wondering if there is any best practice that says the PIN ...
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How to showcase additional menu level items within the current menu UI without breaking it

We have an app that lets users modify their face as they are taking selfies. Under the Beauty option, users have the option to Smooth their skin, add Lipstick, edit Eyes, etc. The user can see in real ...
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Open an app within an app

I'm designing a job board app for a client, where users can look for jobs and apply for them. The app is not for one specific client but can be duplicated to the brand and style of multiple clients ...
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What is the easiest way to automatically collect user data in a prototype app?

I would like to test the design for an app. Therefore, I would like to let my test subjects use an app prototype on their smartphones for a few days in a row. I would like the test persons to use the ...
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How to deal with many subpages in an Android app?

I'm currently developing an Android app which has already plenty of pages in its navigation, so I don't want to add much more to it. Now I have a page, let's call it marketplace. The marketplace had ...
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