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An 'app' or application typically a self-contained program.

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What if table columns cannot fit on webpage?

If I've 12 - 14 columns in a table to show on a page but there's not enough space to show all columns (let's say, there's only enough space to show 7 columns of the table), what is the solution for ...
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Is it frowned upon to allow the user two different options to perform the same action?

I have an app I am building where a user can browse through content similar to the Facebook timeline. One action the user can take is follow this person. All actions for each piece of content I ...
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How can I represent multiple pins at the same location on a map?

I'm building a very small app that allows my users to post content to a map. The home screen of the app contains a map with all of the posts (as seen below). PROBLEMS 01 - if a user posts a post ...
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How many personas should we use to design a mobile app?

I'm actually working on a mobile app. My boss asked me to focus all the design on one principal user archetype because he thinks that the way to create product interfaces and features with a strong ...
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Key dimensions to efficiently describe a user interface

What is clearly thought out is clearly expressed and there is certainly a way to efficiently describe and classify the various user interface types that have spread. At the UI components level, ...
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How important is it to stick to the platform guidelines in mobile app design?

I'm designing a mobile app. The developer is using a framework which uses native building blocks for iOS and Android. Customising means extra dev work. Developer says: "Why waste time when ...
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App title or page title in the title bar of an app?

So I'm creating an app right now and I'd like to get some opinions on what to put in the title bar. My gut feeling is that it's more intuitive for users to see the page title in the title bar. Here ...
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How would you implement a Momentary Rocker switch in a mobile app or web page?

Here's an example of a Monetary Rocker switch. It has 3 states and always returns to the middle position after being pressed. I want to use this in iOS and Android and web, is there any stock ...
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