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Us ethis tag only if Android system is an important part of the question for a user experience design. If your question is written from an *Android user*'s point-of-view, you'll probably get a good answer on the [Android Stack Exchange](

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5 votes
1 answer

Multiple launchers

Is it a good idea to have 2 launchers for one app in Android? What I am talking about are 2 launcher icons in the applications list. Of course the labels for both will differ and the icons may or may ...
6 votes
2 answers

What is the best page flow for a list, search and show item application?

Consider the following scenario: I have an Android application with three screens: a list of items, a search results screen, and a show item screen. A search bar can be invoked on every screen, and ...
13 votes
7 answers

Easy to understand public transit journey planner results

I am developing a London jouney planner app (called Pubtran London, it's on Android Market). Somebody told me that the results are hard to understand and I was quite surprised by that. Maybe it's ...
3 votes
6 answers

What icon for advanced options? [closed]

I am working on a public transit app for Android. Look at the screenshot - the button with a wrench icon opens advanced options. In advanced options you can set which transport mode to use (bus, tram, ...
7 votes
1 answer

Best View Widget option to input a quantity

I am planning to create a rate convertor for food recipes. The user has to introduce the quantity of some food and then select the unit (gr,kg,mg,cl...). First of all I think in seekbar, but as the ...

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