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Questions tagged [android]

Us ethis tag only if Android system is an important part of the question for a user experience design. If your question is written from an *Android user*'s point-of-view, you'll probably get a good answer on the [Android Stack Exchange](

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3 votes
1 answer

Looking for an Android Keyboard Gallery?

I'm documenting some patterns for a mobile project, and I need a page that shows all the different keyboard layouts on mobile for Android specifically (Like number pad, phone number keyboard, etc.) I'...
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1 answer

[iOS][Android] Best (pragmatic) practices for showing PDFs

I've been trying to get a consensus on "best practices" for showing PDFs on mobile… but my Google skills have failed me so far. I manage a bunch of mobile applications, where we sometimes ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to show pre-filtered list on a search results area

I am working an iOS app that manage employees requests, I have a screen that shows requests, and a search field above it, I can search within my requests. but, I can also send a push notification with ...
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How can we get rid of scattered mobile apps positioning ?

I'm not sure if it exists, but an "Auto apps positioning" feature in mobile OS should be introduced. (I'm talking about iOS and Android and NOT Windows OS) I have seen users search for their most ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to design software for blind people to create grids with one sound per square on Android

I have gone through the help center issues and it does not seem to me like my question is too subjective. I want to develop apps that are tailored specifically for blind people to reason about their ...
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1 answer

Solutions for long App names for both App Store/Play Store and using an icon name

What is the preferred method for working with long app names? When the app name is required and can not be changed when a company might have multiple apps with similar names. Do apps mainly keep the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Presenting selling statistics for multiple tags per each sold item in mobile application

I am writing application mobile (React native) application that lists items that users buy and sell. Each item can be tagged with some tags. I want to present some statistics statistics like: profit ...
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1 answer

Mobile Tables - Accessibility (iOS vs Android)

iOS - Disclosure Indicators When this element is present, users know they can tap anywhere in the row to see the next level in the hierarchy or the choices associated with the list item. Use a ...
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1 vote
2 answers

iOS and Android app - data download or page navigation first

What is the best perceived UX for mobile applications which require data downloaded midway through the journey. I cannot find this information online in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (or I am ...
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1 answer

In Android quick settings menu why is Cellular data on/off option in a second screen?

In the quick settings menu that slides down from Android, all settings are activated or deactivated tapping the icon. With the exception of the sounds settings which needs to be choosen between 3 ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Proper UX/UI design for image upload and form on android

I am looking for an advice how to properly design a layout for an android activity that should handle the following: car image uploaded from android gallery (up to 8 images). fill in some details on ...
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0 votes
0 answers

Text resizing in iOS and Android apps

Doing a bit of benchmarking, looking for applications that are well responsive when Text resizing (accessibility). Does anyone know any good examples of applications that look good when text resizing?
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0 votes
1 answer

Should we provide an explicit close button in the dialog, to play well with gesture navigation?

Few years back, when Android is still using 3 buttons navigation, it makes sense not providing an explicit closed button for dialog. 3 buttons navigation There are 2 ways to close the dialog Tap on ...
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0 answers

Mobile iPhone and Android - Highlight when using bluetooth keyboard on calendar display outside of frame

When using the bluetooth keyboard and tabbing through a calendar control, part of the highlight around the previous/next month is out of the calendar control. Has anyone experienced the same? Was ...
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0 votes
3 answers

Showing that dropdown filter has been applied?

An issue I've had with mobile apps with dropdowns is that when I change the dropdown selection, it's not clear if the filter was applied. It usually happens when my phone has weak reception. I ...
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2 answers

What's the best way to draw attention about a thing in the configuration process that may happen or not but that can be very important if it happens?

I've the following problem in my mobile app development. There are some services which can be launched from the beginning after a device is restarted or whatever that makes it to boot. Problem is that ...
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5 answers

Guidelines for Material Card in Android

If I were to follow elevated card(first one) like here, where should I place the expand more arrow? Also, is it okay to do the same card with image on the left? Cards displayed are different brands ...
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3 answers

How to deal with many subpages in an Android app?

I'm currently developing an Android app which has already plenty of pages in its navigation, so I don't want to add much more to it. Now I have a page, let's call it marketplace. The marketplace had ...
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Android: Hint/Clue to distinguish (product) categories from (product) items?

I am currently designing an Android app that allows users to browser a product database. The database has a defined tree structures with inner nodes representing product categories and leaf nodes ...
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What are the pros and cons of using 2 fonts on a single page/throughout an application?

As a very relatable example, we have Android OS (since which version I do not remember) using 2 fonts, one for headlines and one for the rest of the text. As in the image, we can see that it uses 2 ...
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