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Present tabular data differently to fit in a form?

Hi so I am looking for alternatives for tabular data so that the data can more easily be viewed in a form field. Basically the user will only need the tabular info to be view only and can include up ...
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Need alternative to dropdown in each cell

In each cell I want to show a dropdown which contains values such as 1,2,3... up to 10. But as you can see, if I show a dropdown then the page will be full of dropdowns (As there are 288 cells) and I ...
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Alternative to side scrolling table for an infinite list of X-Axis checkbox items

I have a problem in which there is a table that does not have a predefined amount of columns or rows. i.e., for both the X and Y axis there is no limit. This invites a high probability of the user ...
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Required Alternative Form Fields

I am wondering what the correct symbol would be to use instead of the regular * = required in the registration form we are using: We have an address form that has 4 fields of which one of them is ...
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Alternatives to quick links?

I have some links in sub menus, e.g. animals> dog, cat, rabbit and most of the users are interested in cats, is it good idea to make cats link as a quick link? If not, what is good alternative to ...
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How to Handle Selecting options?

is their any alternative to tab? I'am currently handling a design that requires too many options per tab in a page. so lets say for example:
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UX alternative to Modal Windows on a mobile device

I am looking for the recommended UX alternative to Modal Windows on a mobile device. Modal Windows are useful in larger screen environments, as they allow the user to interact with the program ...
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2 answers

Log viewer in a desktop application?

I'm developing a desktop application for analyzing source code. It basically analyzes all files in given directory and produces a text file with report. Status of analysis is displayed in a text box ...
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Enquiry sent without connection

In a mobile app, I have a section which contains a short form to let people contact me. They are able to write their name, email, company, and the reason they want to contact me. I happen to ...
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3 answers

Independent selection but can also be alternative

I have binary properties, say A, B, C, D, that a user can independently switch. This is usually done using checkboxes as so: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups But ...
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Alternative reward levels to “Gold, Silver, Bronze”? [closed]

I am looking for an easily identifiable awarding scheme, but without using metals, specifically "Gold, Silver, Bronze". Does such a thing exist?
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What UX is appropriate for alternative voting on a PC and Mobile device?

I need to design a UX that allows for IRV or alternative voting (aka ranked vote) These illustrations were the first concepts I've encountered. . Has anyone come across a UX for IRV voting that ...
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Alternative to dialog windows

We are designing web based app that consists of forms. These forms have two main parts: big datagrid (table) and a panel that shows details about record selected in a table. There is a largely used ...
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Bound fields/alternative input modes

My UI allows users to specify values that may be "bound" to other values. In the simple case, I want to present friendly input elements like checkboxes and password boxes. But I also need a way to ...
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4 answers

Alternatives to glossary layout?

I've been looking for different ways of laying out glossary content but only seem to find layouts that look like below. While I think this is effective and intuitive for users I was wondering if you ...
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How do I make it clear that different sections of my form are alternatives?

I have a form in an Android app: it's kind of a page of a wizard, for constructing a query against a web service. Each section of the form is a different way to progress to the next page of the wizard,...
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Alternatives to the progress bar

I'm designing a website which elements that have a "progress" property, a bit like or KickStarter. Both of these websites use the classic progress bar. We would like to innovate. What are ...
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