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A group, body, or mass composed of many distinct parts or individuals

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When providing programming documentation to users of an office suite software, does intelligent cell merging in tables, make the info more accessible?

Examples of such merged-cell use, alongside versions of same info without merged-cell use Info using merged cells Table 1 Table 2 Same info without using merged cells Table 1 Table 2 Background ...
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When does the first week of a given month start?

I wish to display a bar chart showing weekly revenues per month. A week is defined from 12:00 AM Sunday to 11:59 PM Saturday. I want to display full week values (i.e. not just revenues for 7/1 for ...
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Aggregate Information v.s Detailed Information

Backgound I am managing a LMS (Learning Management System) system which provide the user with the ability to create courses with a curriculum. A curriculum within a course might include different ...
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Time based activity feed aggregation - What time?

I am implementing a news feed similiar to Facebook's. Essentially, the feeds are stored as individual items: 1 Nov 2012 9:00 AM [John] was [tagged] in [photo album "Halloween 2012"] 1 Nov 2012 9:20 ...
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