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Questions tagged [aesthetics]

A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.

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Are radio buttons considered old-school?

I'll try not to make this a general opinion question, which is against the community guidelines. I've noticed that when I put forth an answer with radio buttons in it, there is almost always a strong ...
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Any ideas of selecting multiple categories and subcategories with beautiful images?

Does anyone has any examples or ideas on making the following UX functional and aesthetically beautiful. User has the option to select categories and subcategories on the onboarding process. Each ...
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Floating Or Flat Mockup?

While Designing a mockup for an App or a concept, I find it difficult to choose between Flat Mockup and Floating Mockup. I'm interested to know why Floating Mockup gives a more 3-dimensional look and ...
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Best way to show macro progress on meal tracker app?

I'm building an app to calculate/track meals based on one's own macros but I'm having some trouble finding the right way to design it. What I'm trying to create is something very minimalist and ...
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Does it ever make sense to use curved shadows on flat objects?

What's the rationale behind styling flat/straight boxes to cast curved shadows on flat/straight surfaces? Image credit: Sure it makes the object ...
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How do you create a valid reality to which there is no reference?

This question is about what you could call applied information aesthetics, so I hope it fits here. So, by reality I mean a concept or system of presenting information to a user in a way so that she ...
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How to articulate the difference between design principles and aesthetic style?

One of the barriers I've encountered within UI design is a blurred distinction between implementing proven design principles and a designer's judgment for aesthetics and style. I would like to know ...
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3 votes
4 answers

For a MVP - How relevant is focus on UX and good design overall?

In this article here,, and many others from respectful resources about MVP - design supposedly takes a backseat (read section, "Go Ugly Early"). ...
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Metrics to gauge website design visual appeal

I originally asked this question at Graphic Design StackExchange about evaluating the aesthetics of a visual design, but since then found a really interesting study that I thought I should share with ...
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3 answers

Inserting a long word in a limited header space

In my website, i'm presenting a basic table that has some action items for each row. X and Y must be replaced by two words that are trademarked and the words are actually long. Say X is "...
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3 answers

Is there need for social media plugins on an established ecommerce website

The ecommerce retailer I work for is national market leader in its respective branche and even in some other surrounding countries. It's SEO is amazing and they already have an established position ...
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23 votes
11 answers

How to push items to the top or bottom of the list in alphabetically sorted lists? [closed]

This question is not related to any specific scenario, platform or product, and it's more of an end-user UX rather than a design of UX. It applies to various use cases and platforms. One specific ...
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8 answers

Placing icons next to numbers - to the right or left?

In our system, we have many places where we show number values, and next to them we show an icon indicating whether the value is good/mediocre/bad. Before I joined the team, there was no guidelines, ...
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Showing error in different pane in ipad app

I have lot of panes (5 - 6) in a iPad app. Each pane depends on a different web service from different URLs. What is the best way to show an error in one pane if the corresponding web service is not ...
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Reinventing a habitual process: When can it be justified?

A process that a user has become accustomed to, can sometimes receive reinvention for a number of reasons: The process can be simplified The process can become a experience unique to a certain entity ...
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Is there any research indicating how users perceive certain design flaws, such as gradient banding?

Design paper cuts are frustrating to me, because I feel like they compound to create an overall poor user experience. However, has there been any research behind how these oversights from a visual ...
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Why does the iphone 3gs look so much older than the iphone 4/4s? [closed]

I'm not sure if this is on-topic. So feel free to close it or suggest re-wording. But I figure the look of a product does affect the user perception which is why I'm posting it here. So I was ...
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How do we design elements that feature unpredictably sized images?

There are contexts where a design needs to represent several items, each with inconsistently sized images. One example might be a customer database, where the customer's logo is an identifying feature....
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4 answers

Looking to create a good user interface to ask 4 questions to users in the best possible way?

I am trying to create a good UI for the main page of my website. I need to ask 4 questions to users in easiest possible way- Query terms - e.g toyota Corola Category (optional) - e.g. Cars Location (...
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Displaying/presenting options neatly

I have a Windows application which has some options regarding notifications. Each type of message can be turned on and off for the statusbar and for pop-up messages. Here is what it looks like now: I ...
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What is the value of interface layout and its impact on the overall user experience?

I often have difficulty convincing people that the layout/design/visual-styling of an interface has impact on how the user feels about the product as whole. All to often the argument is that the user ...
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