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advanced search with limited time range [closed]

im designing a data table page from a CRM system with complicated advanced search(up to 10 fields?). The table display information from a very large amount of data, to avoid losing any of them, ...
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Maps - Advanced Search

So here's an interesting one. The product is: imagine google maps, we map all places, but places change throughout time. As place names and borders change, we are collecting data on historical places. ...
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2 answers

Do users prefer many dropdowns or advanced filter for filtering tables

I am working with a team and we are working on a table filtering project and we have some ideas about page designs in terms of UX. Please excuse the drawings... One design has a search field on top ...
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Admin UI to manage advanced search filter

I am working on an admin interface that manages a dropdown filter located on an advanced search screen that is available for all users. The admins can exclude options in the Manufacture filter. [See ...
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2 answers

Should an advanced search page have a search "summary"?

This is a pretty basic question I guess, but I have an advanced seach page split into around 7 catagories with 36 different fields. Each field has a modifier attached to it allowing the fields results ...
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2 answers

One robust search tool versus multiple, use-case specific search tools

What are people's thoughts on creating a singular search tool, that could potentially answer lots of questions versus spinning off various smaller tools that address very specific use cases? Example ...
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2 votes
4 answers

help improving vast search interface

A search engine is used by document controllers to search for documents, types of documents, locations that contain documents. The documents are described by vast amounts of meta data and the search ...
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Is there a correct UI pattern for advanced search?

I'm working for a company redesigning the searching interaction for a business application. Currently the only way for users to search through a huge dataset is through a collection of about 15 ...
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