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Questions tagged [administration]

The administration of a business is interchangeable with the performance or management of business operations, maybe including important decision making. Thus it is likely to include the efficient organization of people and other resources so as to direct activities toward common goals and objectives.

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What's the best way to dynamically hide/show form elements when a user enters a value in a text/number field?

Context I work for a company that designs financial management software, and I've been asked to provide some redesigns for an expense rule builder. It allows users with admin privileges to set limits ...
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How to handle license reservation/billing for groups (e.g. departments) within an admin panel?

I am working on the admin panel for a SaaS product. One need that has been conveyed by our users is the ability for groups within our product to reserve licenses that they have purchased with their ...
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Create Routes from tasks

In the admin panel, I have the ability to create a game using a multi-step form. There is one game type that gives the user the ability to place tasks on the map and create a routes from these points. ...
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