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Adaptive design refers to a GUI that adapts to different screen sizes, using a few fixed layouts, and then selecting the best layout for the current screen size.

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Holy grail layout solution that makes complex apps being usable on mobile?

What's the best solution for responsive holy grail layout in the context of complex responsive design? Some common layouts done in this way Hubspot CRM Problem: it doesn't work on mobile as most of ...
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How should my design resize according to the screen size?

I am designing a web based application which should be responsive for width 1366 to 1920 px as it will be only used in this environment. I have designed mock-ups in adobe XD in 1366 screen size how ...
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Design guidelines for a multi-screen or multi-device ecosystem

Since the article that was published by Precious about Multiscreen Patterns or patterns for multiscreen strategies back in 2011, there has been an increase in the amount of IoT devices and other ...
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Should I use an Adaptive Design for my website?

My idea is to one page, but when you screen size is smaller than 'x', then you will not see the desktop content, only the mobile content. This will work something like this;
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Adaptive Website Design Patterns

I am not a designer by trade so apologise if I am covering old ground. I understand the term Adaptive Design is commonly used with reference to screen sizes and adapting to it. However, I don't think ...
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Acceptance of location requests in websites?

We are starting to build a website with an adaptive design (responsive philosohpy). Because the adaptive design is not just about designing websites that adapt to screen size, we want to include all (...
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Progressive reduction + disclosure to improve user experience

There has been a lot of discussion about the practice of progressive disclosure in reducing complexity for users both in terms of content and interactions. On the other hand progressive reduction has ...
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