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The strategy or behaviour of prioritizing versions of content for different screen sizes or device capabilities.

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Are there any usability evaluations of Scrollytelling article formats ?

I've been seeing a trend in the online news and data visualization world of presenting information paired with some sort of data that changes dynamically as you scroll down. Here is an example from ...
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Should I use an Adaptive Design for my website?

My idea is to one page, but when you screen size is smaller than 'x', then you will not see the desktop content, only the mobile content. This will work something like this;
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Adaptive Website Design Patterns

I am not a designer by trade so apologise if I am covering old ground. I understand the term Adaptive Design is commonly used with reference to screen sizes and adapting to it. However, I don't think ...
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Acceptance of location requests in websites?

We are starting to build a website with an adaptive design (responsive philosohpy). Because the adaptive design is not just about designing websites that adapt to screen size, we want to include all (...
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Progressive reduction + disclosure to improve user experience

There has been a lot of discussion about the practice of progressive disclosure in reducing complexity for users both in terms of content and interactions. On the other hand progressive reduction has ...
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Reordering content for mobile devices - distracting or helpful feature?

With CSS3 its really easy to reorder the content depending on the screen size, which leads me to the question: Only because its possible, should I? A use case could be directions - one could assume ...
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Should I have "read more" links in a responsive design?

I'm currently in the middle of a re-design for a mid-market newspaper's website, and for each article there's a "Continue reading story >>" link after the lede paragraph on topic pages and the home ...
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What are the strengths and weaknesses of dynamic responsive typography?

By dynamic responsive typography, I mean a system where the type changes in real time based on an external attribute of the environment or the user, without the user explicitly setting it. Here is an ...
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Should the phone number country code be added depending on the user country?

I am thinking whether it would improve UX if phone numbers were automatically formatted based on the country the user is coming from, e.g., all the phone numbers are ...
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What's the reason behind fixed (position) navbars?

It's becoming almost customary for responsive designs to have fixed-position navbars, where the navbar is fixed to the top (usually, or even bottom sometimes) of the viewport of the browser. Don't ...
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What are the ideal widths a website should be designed for on a phone/tablet/computer?

What are the ideal/typical widths that an adaptive/responsive website should be designed for in order to accomodate the most devices possible?
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Adaptative Web Design + UX deliverables

does it make sense to create UX deliverables about wireframing information design, when nowadays we are evolving to adaptive web design, with more than 2 or 3 different layouts for different devices? ...
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Responsive text or truncated text in Mobile devices?

I was reading this very interesting article on the use of responsive text to show only critical content on mobile devices by the use of responsive text to show one version for the web and one version ...
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