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Questions tagged [accounts]

use this tag for questions related to user accounts (not accounting)

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Sign up flow for a mobile app IAP subscription that requires account linking

I've got an existing app that doesn't require any user sign up that allows users to organise lists (all on device storage). It has about 5000 users and I'm thinking of ways I can add value for my ...
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How would the login/registration window be designed if users were given the option to proceed without logging in initially?

In this case, it concerns booking courses. To book a course, creating a participant profile is required. Once the user clicks on "Create Participant Profile", the login window is triggered, ...
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User created an account using their phone number- how to ask for the user's email as well?

We are working on a mobile app that offers 'give and receive' advice (concerning relationships, life questions, and so on). In the onboarding flow, we allow users to choose how to create their account ...
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Handling multiple email addresses from same user during registration

I have a system that offers content on a quarterly basis. Users can register once, then use the same credentials to log in for subsequent quarters. Our system currently uses email address to know ...
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