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use this tag for questions related to user accounts (not accounting)

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13 votes
6 answers

Should registration be optional on an e-commerce site?

I am developing an e-commerce web site which will sell tourism services (airport transfer, accommodation, excursions, etc.). I am on a path here that I need to decide if I will provide a membership ...
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20 votes
8 answers

Is it right to make account deletion difficult?

You know the deal. You sign up to a site, receive a couple of emails and realise you no longer want to receive the drivel that hits your inbox. So you try and delete your account. However when you ...
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46 votes
5 answers

Should multiple user accounts be allowed to use the same email address?

I am creating a free to use website without restricted registration. Part of registration includes validating the email address entered by clicking a link we send to that address. The unique ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How do you prevent users from getting confused with multiple login options?

I came across this question in a closed LinkedIn group. I think it's a great one and since it's hidden from search engines, I decided to bring it to the outside world. Some users don't visit your ...
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10 votes
6 answers

Is it OK to require users to have a third party login account?

For a web app I'm developing I was dreading having to Require users to create yet another account / password to keep in mind. Handle retrieval of lost passwords etc. What many sites (like this one ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How should I allow my members to delete their membership from my site?

What is the best way to allow a member to delete their account if they wish to not be a member of our community? Should I simply have them click a delete button on the site? What other measures should ...
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0 votes
3 answers

Ethical ways to dissuade?

For our banking app, our team is trying to encourage our users to keep more money in their savings account. Specifically, to prevent more than 6 transfers per month, of any amount, from savings to ...
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47 votes
7 answers

Why let users deactivate/delete account?

Why do companies let users deactivate or delete their account? I see this mostly for social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Should other sites such as ecommerce let users deactivate their ...
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16 votes
6 answers

What's the best way to handle deleted user accounts on a social app?

When users delete their accounts, what should you do with their stuff? I see a few approaches: 1. Recursively delete all their stuff This causes problems. We run competitions, and if someone ...
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12 votes
6 answers

Why do sites split 'password' and 'username' retrieval into two separate operations?

I find this way of doing it highly annoying when I come back to a site I haven't used in a while. First having to enter my email to get my username and then enter my username and email to reset my ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Logo - where should it direct within a website account?

Imagine there's a website with its content, but it also offers accounts that users can activate through this website. The account is basically the main functionality. (The website is mostly about this ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Create account without actually creating an account

I'm building a website where users may interact with the company (It is the real estate business) to request a budget, ask for information or other type of interactions. The interactions are made via ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Permissions and roles

Do you think is better a permission-giving approach where by default you assign to new users the less powerful level existent or a permission-taking approach where by default you assign the highest ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What is the best way to get users to make an account? - Mobile App

What is the most user friendly way to get users to make an account in a mobile app? Is the best way to not allow the user to use the app before they create an account, or do you allow them to use the ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Should (and how should I) I use email addresses for login without validating them?

So that users don't have to remember a username, my webapp doesn't ask users to enter one (accounts are private and there are no profiles or user-generated content). However, I would also prefer not ...
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1 answer

The right to remove an account, or change the username [duplicate]

The way web services handle account information, and allow (or disallow) account deletion, and respect their user's privacy is certainly a big part of the User Experience. As an experiment, I'm ...
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