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An accordion is a stacked list of item references (e.g. labels or thumbnails), where each item can be "expanded" or "stretched" to reveal more content associated with that item. Typically only one item can be expanded at a time, and expanding a second item causes the last opened item to be closed.

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Configuration form with multiple steps

I am working on converting a winforms application to WPF. So, we are also trying to make sure this is good from a UX point of view in the process. I have a configuration form that I am not sure if I ...
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When is it bad practice to use an accordion control?

I've been using Accordion controls in many design situations... I find them useful for: Progressive disclosure of long wizards (reduces number of pages) Questionnaires where you want to be able to ...
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What is the correct usage for toggling triangle icons (down/up) on a click-to-reveal link?

I'm working on a UI where users can toggle a button to show or hide a div. On the 1st click, the div appears below the button with a slide-down effect. On 2nd click, the div slides up to hide. ...
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Category and tagging organization

Background Looking to present tagged recipes (edit: that users have tagged themselves on their own recipes) in a way that makes them easy to find. All tags are automatically categorized; recipes may ...
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Tabs or Accordion (collapsible / expandable) content sections [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: accordions vs tabs What would the most user friendly experience be to display a the content of a long web page? Display it as collapsible and expandable content sections. Or ...
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How to handle very long accordions?

I have condensed a rather long list of items into an accordion so that only the titles are initially visible and the accordion expands to show the details. The list contains the main content of the ...
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Why would you use SlideDeck (horizontal accordion) instead of a carousel?

I'm reviewing a client's site and their designers have used an unusual element to present some of their key points. The element is called SlideDeck and it's basically an accordion menu that is turned ...
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Rollovers within Accordions

I am currently redesigning an existing site that contains a large number of articles. I'd like to cut out a number of intermediate "category" pages within the site by fitting article links within ...
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Senior Usability and Navigation

Does anyone have any current resources for senior usability? I'm specifically researching navigation: tabs and accordions. The Jacob Nielsen site has a report that's over a decade old. I'm looking for ...
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accordions vs tabs

What is difference between accordions and tabs from the UX point of view? This is repost from this thread on SO: (I ...
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Which way should arrows point in a collapsible accordion? Left/down … down/up?

What is the best way to indicate that it's possible to open and close an element accordion-style? Arrow pointing left/arrow pointing down Arrow pointing down/arrow pointing up Plus sign/minus sign … ...
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