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How important to require users to put details on About Us?

I am creating this application where business users can have a vendor page by providing details ex. services, prices, this happens only after these vendors signed up as an onboarding process. I also ...
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Where to put a website's purpose? [closed]

I want my website to have a general statement of our philosophy. It would be along the lines of describing why it is important to be healthy in general and guide them to use various parts of the site. ...
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5 answers

People don't read. Is dropdown/hover better for this design?

Our website has a home page that has a "about us" section. This section has around 20 staffs (client insist on having this) Can't find the best example, but this section would look something like ...
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About us: why do websites show the CEO, founders, and employees on this page?

Why would I want a tab for "meet the team"? Why would users even care about the people working there? I just want a working piece of software and thats good...right? Usually it looks something like ...
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