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Selecting the right user testing method for mobile app

We have a mobile app for different platforms. And now we want to improve the UX and UI. Due to the security policy, we cannot install analytic tools. I'm thinking of options we have to measure our ...
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How to determine Minimal Detectable Effect for AB Test with Click-through Rate as success metric?

I am conducting an AB test on my site. I want to decide what is considered a good MDE (Minimal Detectable Effect) when it comes to click-through rate. I can understand you can choose MDE when your ...
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Best practices for technically executing AB testing on ecommerce site?

I am working on a site redesign for my company's ecommerce site. We sell access to upcoming and recorded webinars. As a part of this redesign, I have recommended a new product strategy in which ...
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Test Hypothesis On Multivariate Tests?

I was taught when A/B testing every test should be based on a test hypothesis, e.g. Control: Current Button (Blue) Test: White Button "We believe that changing the CTA colour (British English ...
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How to not skew results from usability research?

I wanted to take my class design project up a notch by getting my designs in front of some users through an unmoderated usability test. Because of the platform I used for the test, I could only make ...
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