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6 votes
4 answers

How to A/B test a published IOS and Android app on actual users?

I've published several apps on IOS and Android adding flurry to measure the interaction that is happening in those apps, however, I'd love to enhance this interaction and make my apps more useful by ...
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12 votes
5 answers

How does e-commerce product quick view affect conversion rates?

Many large e-commerce retailers are using "quick views" for products on their collection pages where more details appear either on-hover of via some other trigger. Has anyone performed any A/B tests ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Tips for A/B testing?

There seems to an increasing number of A/B testing services (such as Google Website Optimiser) and people using them. Have you got any tips on using and analysing the results from them?
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10 votes
3 answers

What do you do with an inconclusive A/B Test? Keep the change or lose it?

Short Version If you run an A/B Test, and the results are that there's no difference in your key metric, do you keep the experimental version, or revert the site back to the control? Story Version ...
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7 votes
5 answers

What are the best A/B tools? [closed]

I have a few pages to A/B test, and I am looking for the best tools to use for this? Is there a "standard" or favorite industry tool?
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6 votes
1 answer

A/B Testing vs Cohort Analysis

I had a few questions about A/B Testing vs Cohort Analysis (dividing users based on registration time). 1.) Is A/B testing mainly used for UX design changes (such as change in Sign Up button Color) ...
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5 votes
5 answers

A/B Testing Homepage Variants

When trying out new homepage layouts / styles, is A/B testing the best way to do this? With typical A/B tests you have a specific conversion measurement (i.e. version X drives significantly more ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What do Sample Size and Effect Size mean in terms of A/B testing?

What does "Sample size" and "effect size" means in terms of A/B testing? Can anyone explain in simple words with an example?
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3 votes
2 answers

Increasing add-to-cart rate, decreasing conversion?

I am currently optimising an e-commerce website. The request was specific to the product pages, after gaining insight from analytics and feedback two alternatives were proposed, and tested. The add-...
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