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Is it uncommon in the industry to use Inkscape to create wireframes? If yes why?

I've come across a lot of industry folk who do not know about the existence of Inkscape. I'm beginning to wonder if it hurts to say that I have used Inkscape for wireframes instead of Illustrator or ...
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What open source and free wireframing tools are there? [duplicate]

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What is better for wireframing: Photoshop or Illustrator? Why? [closed]

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Most used UX tools [closed]

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How to create dynamic overlay panel in Axure?

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What are the desktop based Tools for UI work available today? [duplicate]

What are the tools available to a UI developer? I know and use Photoshop, Fireworks, Balsamiq. I just recently came across Pixelmator and I'm checking it out. What else is out there? Thanks.
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What is a good tool to prototype Windows 10 programs? [closed]

I am a user experience designer who is recently assigned to work on a Windows 10 desktop application. I am not sure with what tool I should use for prototyping and illustrating the interactions to ...
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