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Should a web-based UI rely on the browser back button?

The back button is a great "get out of a flow's dead end" option that browsers provide. Should a UI rely on the back button as the only method to allow a user to get to the previous page or should the ...
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Breadcrumbs: OK to use on mobile site?

Wondering if anyone has thoughts on using breadcrumbs as a method of navigation on a mobile website (for a content site). The breadcrumbs would show the heirarchy of the site as such: Site > ...
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Do users understand the browser back button?

You hear a lot about not breaking the back button on websites, but can you assume that most users know and use the back button? Is it redundant to add a JavaScript or HTML back button/link on a page? ...
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Is a back button a good idea for mobile?

Is a back button a good idea for mobile? (Disregard breadcrumbs on mobile in the image - those are addressed here Breadcrumbs: OK to use on mobile site?)
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Is it still a good practice to have a "Go Back" button? [duplicate]

Is it still necessary to put a "Go Back" button? Or do users already intuitively know that they can use the browser's back function instead? I just feel it can be an unnecessary "action" to put and ...
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Custom back button in page

I had a discussion with a friend about adding a custom back button on every page in a website. What I mean by a custom back button is a link or a button, that will do just onclick="history.back();". ...
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Back button on mobile web app

I have 2 main questions about the back button and its functionality on a web site when running on a mobile. This isn't an app, but a responsive website working like an app. The first question is ...
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If all pages are linked in a menu, should a back button be provided?

If full navigation is provided for every page of a simple site, should there be a back button among its options? Example Scenario: A mobile website has 4 child pages, all accessible via navigation on ...
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Should I include a "back" button on a responsive website? [duplicate]

Do you believe there should be a back button on a responsive website or should we rely on the browser's controls? If you believe there needs to be a button in the design... Would you have it appear ...
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Navigation on mobile site - menu or back button?

We have a mobile website, which is built as a single page application. We have tried to keep the back button alive by using anchors for different screens (it still feels pretty much like a paged ...
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