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Should "Yes, delete it" be red, or green?

Designing an interface for a CMS (Content Management System), I stumbled upon a paradox and I'm a bit confused about what to do and why to do it.. Context Before deleting an album, the user is asked ...
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Drawing users' attention to unrecoverable actions?

We're working on an internal business app, and throughout the process the users have been very involved in all aspects of the design. They have explained their workflow, terminology, etc. and the app ...
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When is it appropriate to ask User confirmation?

A couple of times I archived some of my emails accidentally ( touch screen you know ) . They don't usually ask for confirmation while archiving messages or emails. But they do while deleting . So in ...
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Are there established patterns for delete confirmations other than the typical modal?

I'm trying to find out if there are some semi-standard ways of handling the "are you sure?" confirmation logic when a person deletes a record or item. The typical options are: Show a "Are you sure ...
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Should a delete action's "undo" be underneath the "delete"?

Take for example this button: _________ / \ | Trash | \_________/ Which when clicked, becomes this: _________ ...
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Language alt for "Are you sure?", when you can't provide an undo/"don't show again"? Success rate of alts?

Are there other, more common ways of phrasing this? I know its better to have undo, but in this case we can't (yet) have undo, or "don't show this again". Does anyone have experience with results for ...
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Confirmation of user input: inline button or popup/modal?

I have a few instances, where users can cancel filling out web forms. In the current design the web site will open a modal in the center of the screen (which is mostly not, where the original cancel ...
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Deletion: Require two clicks instead of confirmation?

I have an idea regarding deletion buttons... The usual idea is to either present confirmation modals or allow undoing. My idea to avoid accidental destructive actions is a little bit different: ...
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How to edit form with existing uploaded file

I have a simple form which requests text data, and has a file input. When the data is entered and a file selected, it is uploaded and becomes part of the record. I'm wondering what is the correct UI/...
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Dynamic Form Fields, add remove button UX [closed]

Is it good design if in the below form, in which I require user input, the plus button gets disabled if there is no input yet? I prefer this rather than hiding it but are there any better alternatives ...
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Is it okay to show action sheet after action sheet in iOS delete flow?

Delete action is a pretty serious decision for a user, so the best practice is to show some kind of "Are you sure" flow. But should I do in iOS when the first 'Delete' is in action sheet? Is it okay ...
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Should I show a confirmation pop-up when removing an item from the shopping cart?

I came across an article that advised to show a pop-up asking the user if the click to remove an item was intentional, instead of removing it immediately. But at the same time it's not a practice I ...
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Double clicking action buttons as confirmation

I know it actually depends on the situation. But my colleague insists of using popup dialogues as confirmation and found it counter-productive(or am I wrong?) Users are to make checklist which ...
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Is it fine to show another dialog when your current state is already on a dialog screen?

Please see example video link. I'm already on a dialog screen then when I deleted the task it shows again another dialog. Is this a good UX? any thought? example video showing the dialog Thanks guys ...
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Good way of confirming potentially dangerous action in web-based app?

What is a good way to ensure that a web-app user does not make a potentially dangerous choice or recognizes that an undo is necessary? Scenario (anonymized): Red pills must not be sent to color-...
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