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Are check-boxes OK in app design, or should I be using native switches? [duplicate]

Switch vs Check-box Today I had a debate with some of the iOS developers in my team about the check-boxes I have used on our app. They are very opposed to them, much preferring the iOS style toggles ...
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Should a toggle button show its current state or the state to which it will change?

I have a quick question about buttons that toggle between two states. (Think Play/Pause, or Shuffle/Regular Play.) As the title says, should the toggle show it's current state or the state to which it ...
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Toggle button vs. check box and toggle switch

XAML for Windows 8 offers 3 controls for toggling: toggle button, check box and toggle switch. The Windows 8 UX guidelines explain and compare the check box and the toggle switch, but make no mention ...
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Should a "Select all" checkbox become selected if all checkboxes are selected?

This is the scenario: "Select all" checkbox selects all checkboxes, and unselecting that checkbox unselects all checkboxes. If all checkboxes are selected individually, should the Select all become ...
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iOS Settings Standards: Using Checkbox Rather Than Switch

If you are familiar with iOS devices, you know that the settings application uses the UISwitch control to show that a parameter is enabled or disabled. This control appears as a toggle switch and even ...
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Indeterminate state for toggle buttons?

I'm working on a tablet based application where an agent would be going through and answering a series of yes/no questions. This is running on Windows 7 and naturally the standard windows controls ...
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A new way to display true / false values to user

The company I'm working for is looking to develop a new user control to convey true / false values to users. Currently we are using checkboxes but due to some constraints we are now forced to develop ...
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Integrity of "expand all" when user can expand/collapse children independently

Consider an application that displays a table (of arbitrary length) where the table is comprised of a header that includes an "expand-all/collapse-all" button, and each row in the table includes a ...
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What is the best web design pattern for toggle-able options within a parent toggle-able menu

I'm working on a menu that can be toggled on or off, with sub-options within the menu that themselves can be toggled on or off. while logically I think it makes sense for both the parent menu and ...
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Volume control and Pause/Play toggles are inconsistent, why?

I'm facing a UX struggle that I've never noticed before, and even though the behaviour is what everyone expects, feels right, and is fine, in the end, it's just not consistent. Let me explain. You ...
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Toggle button/switch: is there a standard way to indicate the currently selected state [duplicate]

We are implementing a toggle to switch between two different ways of showing data in a table. I created a mockup for the toggle but shortly afterward realized that people are very divided in how they ...
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Are toggles pro usability when used to autofill a form?

I am currently working a UI project and I have to create a payment form for it. In one of the stories the user needs to be able to use his already inputed profile information as the personal ...
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Should "expand" arrows point towards the expanding content or away from it?

When using the official Github for Mac GUI client, I've seen that there's an icon which is used to open a hidden menu. It uses arrows to indicate that it moves something, but those arrows are pointing ...
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checkbox that is not positive or negative

I am looking for a multiple choice checkbox that is not positive or negative just a mark. where have you seen examples for such buttons? I am building a process that allows to approve or reject ...
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