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Do users know that clicking the logo on a website will take them to home page? [duplicate]

I had a discussion with a colleague about using "Home" link in main (top) navigation. I know that I should give more options to users, so, my question is not about I should use "Home" link or logo ...
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Should we stop using "Home" in navigation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Home button vs Logo link? The following must be true for most (if not all) websites: Clicking the logo or website name leads to the homepage (/index.html). But the question ...
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Is it common practice to click on a logo to go the home screen? [duplicate]

I'm designing a website and am creating the wireframes first. I need the website to be as clear and simple as possible. I have 7 menu options in the main menu, one of them being a 'home' button. But I'...
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Is it safe not to include a home button in the main navigation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Home button vs Logo link? Is it safe not to include a home button in the main navigation because the logo already links to it?
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Do Users assume that company logos link to the "home" page? [duplicate]

I have limited space on the top navigation of my bootstrap website and among other links, I have both the company logo and home (index) link, Both logo and index scroll to the top of the page. I want ...
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Why is it standard for a website logo to navigate to the home page?

Why has it become an industry standard for logos to redirect a user to a website's homepage? Where was this first seen?
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Is 'Home' button still a must?

I was wondering if the 'Home' button is still a must on a website menu, or are users already used to clicking on the Logo? There is a qustion on about this topic - Home button vs ...
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Do website visitors return to the homepage once they're inside the site?

I have been (unsuccessfully) looking for some research that supports / rejects (or even discusses) the hypothesis that: Once a user has entered a website a significant percentage of them do not ...
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Should I add a 'Home' Button to the navigation?

I know that it is common behavior to have the logo of a web page be a link to the home page, but should I also have a 'home' link in the navigation bar for it as well?
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Should we call "Home" something else?

In the main navigation menu of a website, should we call "Home" something else? I am guessing that from a broad UX perspective, the answer is no -- but when are other names viable? When are they ...
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How large should the logo be for easy clickability?

I was skimming through some of the older questions namely Is 'Home' button still a must? and Home button vs Logo link? and there seems to be a general impression that the home logo serves as a general ...
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Is the logo good enough to use as a link back to the main menu for a childrens website?

We have created a fruits and vegetables game for children where they have to choose the correct vegetable in a grid of vegetables. This is a web based game. In this game, we have a logo at the top of ...
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"Back to the top" call to actions, why do we need them?

I'm particularly interested in the concept of the "back to the top" functionality that a lot of sites still have. I'm confused by this, ux wise, especially when it comes into play with a sticky ...
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Navigation on subdomain site

I'm redesigning and simplifying a FAQ page and I've run into a navigation problem. In the main nav bar, I have to include both the logo of the company, a link to the FAQ index and a link to go back ...
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Do I need an extra home link when I have the logo on the right hand side

When I build a website I'd usually put the logo on the top left of the screen (or in the middle if applicable) and at the same time use it as the link to the home page. I think this became a common ...
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