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Deletion: Confirm or Undo? Which is the better option and why?

Which one is the better option and why? Delete with Confirmation [The action cannot be undone] or Delete with one click [And provide option to Undo]
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What are some alternatives to the phrase "Are you sure you want to XYZ" in confirmation dialogs?

I don't like seeing the word 'you' in the message twice. Examples: Are you sure you want to delete this item? Are you sure you want to continue?
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Best color to display hot/cold but also on/off

I'm not really sure about some colours of one section of the application I am writing. Basically, I need to have a section that displays if something is ON/OFF, but also HOT/COLD. Now, usually, I ...
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Two options, how to softly steer people in the preferred one

When you want to softly steer people into an option, do you place the preferred button left or right to the other one? More Details Specifically it is about registering with a Facebook account, or ...
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Primary Action Button Colors

There was some debate at my current place of employment regarding the order of primary buttons. In this case, a user has taken action to remove a user. There is a small call to action that launches ...
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Why is there a contradiction between red in software and in workshop hardware?

If we often use red in software to warn someone to think before interacting with something, like a delete button for example, why do serious power tools like circular bench saws have big red buttons ...
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Confirmation dialog button wording

I have an iOS app sign-up process that is very, very lengthy. I implemented a button to cancel the process (there are reason why this might be necessary, for example to go back to the login screen). ...
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Yes and No buttons are both positive. Is it okay for these to both be green, implying 'success'?

This is similar to Should "Yes, delete it" be red, or green?, but I feel it isn't quite a duplicate as my situation is different. I have a form which looks like this: When a user enters ...
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Colors and labels on buttons that reflect state

I recently read the "Should 'Yes, delete it' be read or green" (Should "Yes, delete it" be red, or green?) thread and was impressed with the responses. I'm currently having a very similar ...
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Button text for 'Are you sure you want to cancel this order' alert? [duplicate]

I'm working on an eCommerce site where we're implementing a feature that allows the user to cancel an order (of physical goods) that's in transit. On the line item (parcel level) the user can '...
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Confirmation modal for sensitive actions

I would like to know which of these practices is considered as the best. A user of my website has the possibility of emptying its shopping basket. Should I : ask for confirmation with a modal ? let ...
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