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what is the ideal buttons size for both ios and andriod [duplicate]

I have designed a mobile application, but I want to know what is the best size for the buttons for both (ios and andriod) so that I do not encounter problems with the operating system and user ...
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Onscreen keyboard standards [duplicate]

I need to design an onscreen keyboard for a touch device and wondering if there are any standards to follow especially pertaining to key sizes?
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Minimum size of buttons for mobile APP [duplicate]

I am quite new to UXD and UXSE; I have checked previous answers but could not find what I am looking for, so here we go. I am designing a mobile-application and I was wondering if there is any ...
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Why do most smartphones not have a physical keyboard?

The vast majority of smartphones sold today use a 'bar' or 'slate' form-factor, with a large screen which uses an on-screen keyboard. Blackberry are the one obvious manufacturer who still produce ...
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Smallest button size and spacing for a touchscreen

For a touch screen, such as the iPhone, what is the smallest size for a button you could get away with? And how closely could they be shoved together? I've got an app thats going to have a lot of ...
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Recommended button sizes on web pages

What are the current usability guidelines for the size of buttons (or anything clickable) on web pages?
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What size of a button can a reasonably fat finger comfortably click?

Say my button is square shaped, in a website, and I don't want to cause inconvenience for users with big fingers (and also older people and those who forgot their glasses and aren't precise at hitting ...
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Is there any difference in element minimal sizes on 10 and 24 inch touch screens?

I am developing an application which is supposed to be used on a 24" touch monitor. There are lots of guides on physical sizes of a touch screen UI elements. All of them are saying that every button/...
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Why are UISegmentedControl's height a default of 28 points?

Why are UISegmentedControl's height a default of 28 points? Apple says to make an icon or UIButton not less than 44 x 44, yet their UISegmentedControl has a default height of 28 points? (And it's not ...
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Vertical Icon Side Menu

I am planning to have a vertical Icon Menu in my website containing about 12 icons. I am planning to have the icon either like or
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best way to denote the infobox of a map marker as clickable

I have a set of markers on a map. when the user click on the marker, an Infobox opens up. When the user clicks the Infobox, the app will open a streetview for that marker. However it is not ...
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Anthropometrics of digital design - well known examples or case studies?

An interesting area of study in human factor and ergonomic design is anthropometry, which looks at the size and proportion of the human body. While this has a very specific application in a wide-...
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Should there be more square and round shaped buttons than there are at the moment in the main part of webpages and apps?

References regarding optimal and minimum contact area or touch target size on mobile devices (also similar question previously on UXSE here) suggest that the contact area should fit the rough size and ...
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