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One modal-box asks the user wether they want to really cancel the request. Now there are two buttons (submit) and (cancel), but how to best name them? All other modals use text like "proceed" (submit) ...
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Confirming cancellation [duplicate]

We have recurring donations that are able to be "cancelled" (meaning to cease its continued billing, not delete it from the interface). There is a button on our interface called "Cancel". When they ...
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What to do if the primary action is actually to confirm a cancellation? [duplicate]

I'll ignore the fact that it isn't obvious what '20190927.6' is from the screenshot (it would be more obvious in the workflow context). Obviously someone is following the pattern that the primary ...
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Android pop-up wording if confirming is canceling an action [duplicate]

Running into a case where I need the user to confirm the canceling of an action. Not sure what the correct text here is for the button. 'Yes' and 'No' make the most sense to me but the Material Design ...
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Alert box wording [duplicate]

What do you think would be a good alternative word to 'Cancel' on an alert box. An example message is: You are about to change your password, press confirm to change or cancel to ... Then I have '...
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When "Cancel" is your action, how do you let the user cancel it? [duplicate]

In the application I'm working on, an admin user can see a list of tasks which have been scheduled to happen at certain times. The admin can choose to cancel these tasks. How does one phrase the ...
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Should I use Yes/No or Ok/Cancel on my message box?

Semantically, the Yes/No buttons are roughly equivalent to the Ok/Cancel buttons, but in general what would you recommend to use? Should I always use Yes/No or always use Ok/Cancel? Or does it depend ...
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What is the opposite of Cancel?

I am working with order page. When the user presses on Cancel Order button, he should choose one of the following: Cancel order. (opposite of cancel) order. (this choice means don't do anything with ...
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Should alert boxes be avoided at any cost?

Thanks to Gabriel Svennerberg and Sam K for this one - raised in a comment here. I was fairly casual about alert boxes until a run of user tests where an alert box was put up to warn learners that ...
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Cancelling a Cancellation

I'm in a bit of a verbiage bind. I have a form for a request cancellation. I cannot change the wording on that. The word cancel HAS to be used. The button bellow sits in the footer of a card. ...
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Cancel Dialog Text - Is the wording here confusing?

I have a dialog that comes up when someone cancels creating a new piece of data. They click cancel and the dialog says: I’m worried this is confusing. What do you think? Incase you can't see the ...
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Is there a standard list of the most popular modern web usage terms/labeling?

I am working on style guidance for a enterprise app. The name of the UI components within the app is not consistent. Is there any standard list of web name, terms or labeling as a reference for making ...
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