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What are we calling the 3 lines button in mobile apps? [duplicate]

This button is appearing in many mobile apps and has the function of displaying off-screen menus, whether from the top of the screen or the side. When writing tutorials for example, what is a logical ...
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What is the correct title of the 'Off-canvas navigation menu' design pattern? [duplicate]

For a report I'm describing all the mobile design patterns used in my design and I should use the correct names. However, I can't find the correct title for the 'off-canvas navigation menu', a menu ...
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What do the 3 close horizontal bars (not hamburger menu) represent and what is the origin of the design?

For some reason, those 3 horizontal bars centered in this Jabber client application is something I associate with something you can drag down, but I can't remember at all why I associate 3 bars with ...
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The Hamburger Icon - menu or drag affordance?

There seems to be a difference in meaning for this icon emerging: For some it means 'menu', for others it represents 'draggable item' (in preference to the small dots used in GMail for instance). Is ...
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How to best indicate navigation menu on mobile

What's the best way to indicate the navigation menu on mobile devices? I see this three-bar icon being used a lot, but do users really understand what it means? Wouldn't a button simply saying "...
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Is the use of hamburger button in Google material design an example of a bad user experience?

I have constantly found numerous issues with hamburger button, like: People tend to show a lot of options with them. It takes at least twice as many taps to change sections. Hamburger button is also ...
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iPhone app - bottom menu vs hamburger menu

I'm working on a news and prices app, and I'm currently working on the menu. The team has 2 different approaches: a traditional bottom menu or a hamburger menu (like on Facebook app). Which approach ...
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Do web users understand the 'sandwich icon' for side bar when used on a desktop site?

I'm aware that the usage of the sandwich icon and side bar for mobile apps is wide-spread and well known by the users (so it seems, anyway), like this one from the Facebook app: I'm developing an ...
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Hamburger Menu - is it a good thing? [closed]

I've always been doubtful about the "Hamburger menu" in iOS apps. That is, until recently. I now think it's a really terrible device that used as just a lazy way out when you can't think of ...
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Hamburger menu on big screen - what do you lose?

The notorious "Hamburger Menu" () is now showing up more and more on large desktop and laptop screens. The actual navigation menu that summarizes the site structure requires clicking on it to show. ...
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responsive menu logo

often times a menu bar on a responsive website turns into this three line logo: ☰ i'm curious as to why this symbol has been thoroughly adopted. why aren't words such as "Menu" or "Navigation" ...
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Adopting sidebars in iOS apps

It looks like several known apps for iOS (Foursquare, Spotify) now adopt the sidebar that already was present in Facebook app (screenshot is from Spotify for iPhone): AFAIK, this is not a standard ...
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Menu with a lot of menu items for iPad

I'm working on the iPad app, and I need to show a menu with about 15 menu items. For the website I would simply create a menu with sub-menus, but for the mobile app it seems it is not the commonly ...
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Should mobile navigation maintain state between pages?

I'm creating a typical mobile website, with top navigation revealed by the "hamburger" button. My questions: Should this menu maintain state between pages (you open it, click an item, and a new page ...
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How can I deal with many buttons in a scope bar?

I am looking for a UI way to deal with more title buttons than one can put in a scope bar. All of the screenshot/examples I see only deal with 3 or 4 options. What if I have 10?
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