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Do visual metaphors get outdated? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Save icon, is the floppy disk icon dead? When designing UI, metaphors are important aspects, no doubt to that. But I often come across when picking the right metaphor is ...
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Why don't we auto-save for users instead of having them save manually?

With the advent of Apple moving to auto-saving in its newest release Lion, should everyone start adopting the convention of auto-saving? At first it is definitely awkward and the user can feel like ...
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Why does backspace go back a page? This behavior is so frustrating!

When using a browser, like Firefox, I appreciate that I can easily navigate my tab history with Alt+← (for back) and Alt+→ (for forward.) That makes perfectly good sense to me, and I've used that ...
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Isn’t the FAQ label obsolete by now?

Don’t get me wrong in the beginning of reading this. I really mean the label and not the content of FAQ. The content is very useful if its’ made the right way (as here on, but there are plenty ...
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Are grayscale buttons with icons usable and effective?

The image here is old gmail new gmail, when no mail is selected new gmail, when mail is selected new delicious To me, the buttons are unlabeled and tough to discover. I don't believe the icons do a ...
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How to best indicate navigation menu on mobile

What's the best way to indicate the navigation menu on mobile devices? I see this three-bar icon being used a lot, but do users really understand what it means? Wouldn't a button simply saying "...
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Is the Windows Start button an example of poor mapping?

In my recent course on HCI, I've been told that start button on Windows systems is an example of poor mapping. The reason for that, as explained in materials, is that it doesn't start anything, but ...
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Should we re-think the use of the word "Save"

Inspired by discussions on using the floppy disk icon for save button, and how this might not be good enough nowdays since nobody uses floppy disks anymore, I started thinking of the word "save" ...
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Mail icon, is the envelope icon dead?

The question Save icon, is the floppy disk icon dead? made me think about another icon. As the number of mailed letters drops from year to year, I wondered if the icon just can't be associated with ...
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Floppy disk icon for "Save" [closed]

It's funny that we still use floppy disks icon for save operation association while floppies have long been outdated, unused and many computer users nowadays don't even know how floppy disks actually ...
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Is using a house-shaped home icon deprecated? (for mobile)

I'm working on a mobile site and am wondering if a small icon in the shape of a house is sufficient to function as a "back to home" style link. This feels very "web 1995" but I still see it today and ...
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What are some examples of famous/effective skeuomorph UIs? [closed]

A skeuomorph user interface draws upon real world objects in its visual design in order to increase familiarity and the association between the product and its real world counterpart. Apple has been ...
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Any data available on using Skeuomorphic Design in apps?

I've recently come across an article about Skeuomorphism that peaked my curiosity. Skeuomorphism: ..."an element of design or structure that serves little or no purpose in the artifact fashioned ...
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Generation dependent icon set?

When I started my computing carrer in the 1980s the tool we used were very different from those used today. At first there was no possability to even save ones work. You had to write down your code on ...
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Based on what usability research did Microsoft omit the save button on OneNote Web App?

I've started to use the OneNote Web App, and I think Microsoft have made a very good job developing it. I use it on the computer and on the phone with ease. I use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + S to ...
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