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Where is the best place to show validation/error messages in a form? [duplicate]

Where is the best place to show validation/error messages in a form? Beside a field? underneath a field? Reserve an area on the top/bottom of the page, and show any error/successful message there?
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Best place for placement of error messages on a form (both generic and specific) [duplicate]

I'm working on a simple registration form which, when invalid data is entered, will display both a generic error (e.g: "There is an error on your form") and also specific errors (e.g: "This is not a ...
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Pop-up vs In-page Error messages

I am trying to determine what would be the most effective method of notifying a user that some of the fields they have filled out on the online form is invalid or required. The form itself is to ...
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Error message for "Invalid Username"

As per "UX guidelines" what should be the error message for a dimmpley Login for having 2 basic fields "Username" & Password. So if a User Enter a username with "Space or special characters[,/<...
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Form validation best practice using Twitter Bootstrap when input fields close each other

I am programmer not designer nor ux designer. So, I am using Twitter Bootstrap framework for design the page with input elements on it. Basic requirement for my form is - It should fit into 1024x768 ...
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How to show error message around HTML input on blur without jarring the layout?

I have this so far, not really that styled but the basic layout. Notice how the layout jars when there is an error message (and the error message might be longer than one line). I even tried forcing ...
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Best placement for validation-summary in a form

I'm designing several forms for a web application. Non-validating fields are marked red, and we show the messages in a validation summary. We wonder: what would be the best placement for the ...
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Color for (error)messages in forms

I've read some questions and answers on a few websites, including this one but it doesn't seem to answer what I'm looking for, which is: What are (generally speaking) the best colors to show both ...
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Field allignment with error labels

I am looking for possible solutions that could be used to make our forms look better when displaying errors. Our application is using Government of Canada Intranet Theme (WET 4) with bootstrap. The ...
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Modal page and button click [closed]

I have a modal page with login button. Clicking on the button verifies the username or password. And if incorrect, error messages will be shown while still being inside the modal. But I can not find a ...
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