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Home button vs Logo link?

Is a "home" button on the navigation required if there is a link to the homepage using the company's logo? Increasingly I have noticed more and more websites using the logo as a link to return to ...
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Why is it standard for a website logo to navigate to the home page?

Why has it become an industry standard for logos to redirect a user to a website's homepage? Where was this first seen?
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Should I add a 'Home' Button to the navigation?

I know that it is common behavior to have the logo of a web page be a link to the home page, but should I also have a 'home' link in the navigation bar for it as well?
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Should clicking the logo for a website while on the home page reload the page?

Many websites have their logo near the top which is a clickable link to the homepage. There's some interesting discussion about this kind of button in this question. I am wondering if it's a good user ...
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Should we call "Home" something else?

In the main navigation menu of a website, should we call "Home" something else? I am guessing that from a broad UX perspective, the answer is no -- but when are other names viable? When are they ...
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Do users know that clicking the logo on a website will take them to home page? [duplicate]

I had a discussion with a colleague about using "Home" link in main (top) navigation. I know that I should give more options to users, so, my question is not about I should use "Home" link or logo ...
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Fewer main pages, fewer tabs is better?

I'm working on a local cinema's movies website, and I've been trying to reduce the number of pages in favour of showing more types of content on them. Currently, I have a Home page (with a carousel / ...
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Is it a bad practice to put the main web navigation on the upper right of the webpage?

My non UI savy client provides me with the webpage layout he wants via powerpoint. There's a header row on top. On the left is a logo image and then a line of text that is the company name. These are ...
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How large should the logo be for easy clickability?

I was skimming through some of the older questions namely Is 'Home' button still a must? and Home button vs Logo link? and there seems to be a general impression that the home logo serves as a general ...
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Do I need an extra home link when I have the logo on the right hand side

When I build a website I'd usually put the logo on the top left of the screen (or in the middle if applicable) and at the same time use it as the link to the home page. I think this became a common ...
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