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Mixing AND and OR filters -- how to make it more clear and less confusing? [duplicate]

I am working on the Hotel Search App (, where I let the user filter Hotels by facilities. Most filters are "AND-filters" but some have to be "OR". For instance, someone may want "wifi" ...
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How to visualise nested AND / OR groups? [duplicate]

I'm wondering if anyone here can shed some light on working with visualising logic for beginning users. I am struggling with finding a proper way to display logic such as: "Item name #1 AND (Item ...
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Filter builder friendly [duplicate]

I'm having more difficulty to translate a simple filter builder to my users, with the conditionals: "and", "or" and "(" , ")" With based in this, I created this version: I would like to create ...
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What is the best way to build visual boolean queries? [duplicate]

What are some good examples of building complex boolean queries? The requirements for the interface would be: The user is able to use AND, OR, and NOT statements The user is able to next queries in a ...
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How to accomodate and/or with brackets in field filtering system

I am building a filtering system for a report and am trying to find a way to incorporate and/or logic when both are to be mixed. In essence, a very simple filter might be: Select field 1 from table ...
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Building logical criteria (with AND , OR, etc)

I am looking for inspiration on this. We have a Dot.Net web application, where we are building pretty complicated criteria. It works, but I would like to change this, re-shape this, possibly from the ...
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What's a clean way to implement two checkboxes that can be "ANDed" or "ORed"?

I have a pretty standard search form on a web site that will return records based on various criteria. Let's assume each record corresponds with a person. A person can have a dog, a car, neither, or ...
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Multiple input boxes on a search form - And/Or Functionality

I am looking at redesigning a search form, which has multiple cases of ‘And/Or’ in between 6 different input boxes. So a user must enter at least 1 piece of search criteria, but may enter up to 7 if ...
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Are there any patterns for a Rules editor interface?

Background I'm tasked with creating an interface for a user to create a "Rule Editor" that can perform specific actions when certain conditions have been met. An "If This - Then That&...
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Good solutions for boolean filter with sub conditions

I'm looking for a good and a clearly represented solution for a boolean filter with sub conditions (max. 5 Levels). Best, a variant with tables. Many apps use the typical mac osx filter (see ...
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TreeTable as a flexible condition/filter editor

I face the task to create condition/filter editor every time I need to develop a data/request/event processing system. As usual, there is no universal one and only solution. Google shows a lot of ...
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Intuitive AND/OR condition for query builder

Use case: User wants to find employees from a list based on some criteria. To simplify things let's say it is spoken language attribute only. Case 1: user wants to find person speaking multilingual - ...
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Best way to let user choose AND/OR logic in search?

App has a simple search interface that currently uses AND logic for multiple criteria (only shows results that match all). We need to add an option to toggle between searching AND or OR (where ...
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What's best UX practice for a OR/AND search box?

I am creating a search box that allows searching for 2 terms, separated by ; but I want to give the user the option to choose between searching only the profiles that have BOTH terms (if "all" is ...
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Allowing Users to Create Unions, Intersections, and Subtractions of Group Contents

I have a design challenge for allowing users to create unions, intersections, and subtractions of groups. The end goal of this is to create a subset of the different group contents, which can be ...
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