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Is there a better solution than breadcrumbs to cascading categories on mobile?

I am working on a mobile application (Android ICS based) where I need to show a lot of products on screen. Now the products are categorized in several categories which are on X level, where X is ...
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Should we provide "back" button for mobile website?

In mobile website for all smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone 7), should I provide a "Back" button inside the webpage even when the browser has functionality to go to back? Edit - ...
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Is a back button a good idea for mobile?

Is a back button a good idea for mobile? (Disregard breadcrumbs on mobile in the image - those are addressed here Breadcrumbs: OK to use on mobile site?)
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How to show people where they are in a site structure on mobile devices

One of the oldest rules when it comes to navigation and page design is to make it clear where the users are on the site, where they have been and where they could go next. Usually this is solved by ...
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How to handle the Drill Down Navigation for Responsive Application on Mobile?

I am working on a Responsive Web App. It provides summary across different verticals. To view details of a vertical user can drill down. So far the drill down goes till level 5. The Navigation for ...
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breadcrumb trail design for mobile

I was trying to make my website mobile friendly. I have gone through many reviews about breadcrumbs in mobile websites. Some say it is good and some say it is bad. After going through the reviews, I ...
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Breadcrumbs for Mobile

We are designing a responsive site and I was wondering if we need to use breadcrumbs for mobile version. I did some research and most of big brands don't use breadcrumbs on their mobile site but I ...
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Is it a good idea to have a back button go back if the link is the same as the previous history entry?

Let's say you have a website / app where there are user pages, and on the user page there are additional links for things like that user's awards or posts. Something like this: The issue I'm having ...
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Best way to implement breadcrumbs on mobile [duplicate]

I would like to know about the use of breadcrumbs on mobile, is it a feasible practice today?
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Material Design + Breadcrumbs + Mobile

Long time lurker, first time poster. The org Im with is pushing towards Material based design (polymer etc) and we're developing a new app for mobile and desktop. The UX issue Im hitting is the use ...
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