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The web development office I work for is working on a fixed-width web site. On one page, we have a table inside of the fixed 960px space available. So far, this table has worked out great for us, but ...
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When is horizontal-scrolling ok? [duplicate]

Here's a picture of my site: Now, ignoring the "erased" stuff, is there any way I can make this interface be reasonable? It will never fit on the screen no matter what I do, even if I go to 2 lines ...
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How to deal with a very long Table List [duplicate]

I have here a very long table list and the client is telling me that all the data are important and they wanted to see it. Is there any way to make this a user friendly?
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How to Design a large columns table [duplicate]

I have a table in which i need to include 20-30 columns in every row with proper font-size and padding. The Problem is few columns of the table will go out of screen. Is there any alternate for design ...
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Nested data in a Grid or Table - how deep is too deep? [duplicate]

I’m reasonably sure we all have that love/hate relationships with grids or tables when it comes to nested data. Over the years I have grown intolerant of anything below one level down, and work ...
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Long Table Data [duplicate]

I want to show this long data in more compact way with best experience preferably without scrolling, is there any good idea?
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What is the best design for a table that contains many columns? [duplicate]

I designed a table to display a set of data, some take up a lot of space, and the table contains many columns .. Because of that I had no space to display the rest of the columns
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How to show the user the possibility to sort a column with space problems

I am working with a big table with 20 columns and a lot of information. I know that the most common way to indicate that a column is sortable is by adding a little arrow at the right or left of the ...
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How do you conquer the challenge of designing for large screen real-estate?

This question is a bit more subjective, but I'm hoping to get some new perspective. I'm so used to designing for certain screen size (typically 1024x768) that I find that size to not be a problem. ...
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In a grid, how to display long column headers

When displaying data in a grid (each row contains a record, each column a different record field), vertical space need is easily solved with scrolling or paging. We are usually sooner missing ...
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tables with lots of columns

I have a table that lists various attributes of an individuals personal development plan; objective, time to complete objective, comments etc. The table is editable so the user can directly add ...
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How to best display a lot of information or data on a single webpage?

Are there any "rules" or recommendations in UX Design for displaying a lot of data on a webpage? Or how to select the most needed information to display data?
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UI Patterns for tables with many columns

I have a table with many columns,this table displays without scroll only on 21 inch and larger monitors. If there is a ui pattern for tables with many columns?
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Indented row headers

We have a screen layout where we have several columns to display. The problem is - you guessed it - real estate - to be able to fit all columns. This is for desktop, tablet and mobile screens. One of ...
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