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Hide or disable form options? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Don't hide or disable menu items? On a create/edit form, where the options available to the end user will depend on their previous input, in order to give the user some ...
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Should a check box field be disabled or removed from an interface if is it not going to be used? [duplicate]

I have a web page set up wizard that guides a user through several steps to create an object. One of the steps in the wizard requires the users to pick via check boxes a property to their object. ...
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What is the best way to communicate that certain functionality is currently unavailable in an application [duplicate]

Let's say there is some feature in an application (accessed via a button) that only becomes available once a number of criteria are met. Off the top of my head, there are 3 options here: Hide the ...
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Why don't applications explain reason for greyed-out icons/menu options? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Don’t hide or disable menu items? I think applications should explain why an option of clickable icon is greyed-out i.e. not selectable or not active. For example a question ...
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Should I have a disabled button or no button at all, if the user doesn't have sufficient privileges for the action?

I would like advice on whether a disabled button is better than no button for a certain UI. Basically, the regular (experienced) users can either comment on an issue or close it; the users with ...
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Greyed-Out vs Invisible

What is a good criterion or rule-of-thumb for determining when a control should be greyed-out and when should it be completely invisible?
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Disable the save button until changes are made?

We have a list of complicated things, which the user can click on to get a new view in which they can edit all the details stored for that thing. The edit view already has a Cancel exit mechanism (...
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Inactive State of buttons, to hide or not to hide...that is the question

On a windows based LOB application for data capturing. Is it better to hide a button completely when it is inactive, or simply show a disabled state for the button.
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Showing/Hiding vs.Enable/Disabling form fields

I would like to know the benefits and drawbacks regarding to form design of "dependent fields". For example, in my form I have a Marital Status field, and depending on it's value, I need to know the ...
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hide vs disable and redistribute empty space

I have complex UI form dialog with ~12 tabs and want to decide what is best: enable/disable (gray out) fields - classic convention hide/show if not necessary - could be confusing + jumping GUI hide ...
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Not available options: Disabled or hidden?

I have a form with these elements: A checkbox A dropdown with a list of options It is an eCommerce site which uses points as currency. During checkout user has the following options: The checkbox ...
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Disabled buttons while long running task

My application has a toolbar and a lot of buttons on it. Some buttons start a long running processes(tasks). At this moment every task executes asynchronously to allow user to do something else while ...
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If there is a known error in a feature should we warn our users or just turn off the feature?

In this example, Facebook Connect (technically Facebook Login) has an open bug that prevents IE8 users from connecting. It send error messages, and it isn't clear to users that the error is with ...
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Hiding vs. disabling actions and show a message on mobile

EDIT To clarify, I meant hiding vs. disabling actions with a message (similar to a toast) showing why it's disabled. I'm curious as to whether it makes sense to hide or disable actions on mobile. I'...
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Descriptive text concerning availability of actions in current context, good or bad?

The image below shows the action panel of a table holding a range of items. Whether an action is available or not depends on the properties of the item(s) that are currently selected, E.g. if the user ...
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