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Only providing social logins [duplicate]

I'm currently working on a project where the user is required to register, and we are considering only providing social logins, and not providing a site only registration. The reason behind this is ...
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What's the difference between 'sign up' and 'sign in' with Facebook? [duplicate]

In Airbnb, I see that the user can 'sign up' with Facebook or 'sign in' with Facebook. What is the difference between sign up and sign in? Do these options actually perform different actions?
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How much would Facebook-only signin limit my user base? [duplicate]

On my website, I currently have a general register and login with a Facebook login as an option. The problem I have noticed is that I have more spammy users creating fake usernames and uploading non-...
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Is social register enough or should you always add regular register method?

I'm building a web application, primarily aimed at students and young people. I'm guessing everyone has at least one social account(Facebook/Twitter/Google etc.) Is it enough only to offer register/...
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Social Login adoption vs Traditional Login

I have implemented janrain's social login on my website. I am wondering how important it is to include a traditional login (email/password) system. I believe there may be a significant percentage of ...
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Is it OK to require users to have a third party login account?

For a web app I'm developing I was dreading having to Require users to create yet another account / password to keep in mind. Handle retrieval of lost passwords etc. What many sites (like this one ...
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Is it bad practice not to allow users to create an account (versus OAuth or OpenID)?

When creating a website is it poor practice not to give users the option to "create an account"? Especially with rapid development, it seems more secure with less effort to offload authentication. ...
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Is offering more than one openid/social-sign-in option a good idea?

Lots of sites nowadays offer the option to log in via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, and sometimes a standard username/password option as well. While this goes a long way toward helping users ...
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Should an E-commerce Site that is predominantly a B2B site have OAuth?

A company that I work at from time to time is looking to add OAuth to their site, and had asked for my recommendation if it's worth the development time and if people would actually use it. In my ...
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Best way to add account providers?

I briefly looked at spotify and I found that they use 2 providers: Themselves and facebook. Ie I can log in to spotify with facebook. But then it asks me for my spotify account when I downloaded the ...
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