We are planning to implement social logins on our site. (Potentially via a service like Janrain or Auth0.) For us the user's email is key, so we will implement only services that expose the user's email.

What are the common pitfalls when integrating social logins for a site? And what are the best practices to handle them?

Examples would be:

  • User changes email with his social identity provider, how would we know?
  • User deletes his social account? How to handle that?

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Some services like facebook provide means of notification when a user deauthorizes your application, this might also indicate deletion (Via a Web callback).

You could load the E-Mail adress using the token you aquired from the user every time you want to send an email to him/her. You may also reload the E-Mail Address every time the user accesses your application to keep away the load from mass e-mailing times.

The best way to solve this UX-Wise will be to add an additional prompt after login for the user to provide his/her E-Mail, prefilled with the social network provided E-Mail Address. The user will notice the fact that you are storing an E-Mail address for notification purposes and he or she might have to manually change it. Inside this step, you could also require a checkbox for explicit user consent regarding the E-Mail notifications.

PS: Provide a link to unsubscription and E-Mail settings in every E-Mail you send! This will remove the hassle of navigating through your application if your users are annoyed.

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