Main menu bar like

File    Edit   View   Tools   Help

was a tradition in Microsoft Windows and often still is. But in German localization, I have often seen Extras in place of Tools.

Is it appropriate to use Werkzeuge (translation of Tools) in German or keep that semantically different Extras?

If you have experience with German applications, is menu item Extras sounding natural and Werkzeuge disturbing?

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The semantic is actually different. For example a painting program:

Werkzeuge may be:

  • brusch
  • knife
  • pencil
  • color chooser
  • ...

Extras may be:

  • always on top (functionality)
  • Werkzeuge (possibly, but also useable as menu item)
  • presetting
  • default options
  • ...

Do you see what I mean?

  • You're correct - although the same could be said about the English term tools. Possibly, tools can just be considered on too many abstraction levels and thus isn't the best term in the first place (although Extras, of course, is hardly any better than Others or Random stuff). Oct 1, 2016 at 0:01

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