I made a button that has a bit of depth, shown here:


I'd like to put text on it, but whatever style I try, it doesn't look good on the button.

How do I put text on here? What style should I use? Are there any guidelines to follow? Is this the right type of button to use?

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  • If you can put text on the button in a way that looks right then maybe the button is wrong - Try starting out with 'function' rather than 'form'. – Andrew Martin Sep 29 '16 at 7:18

By the complexity of the button background I would suggest a simple font styling, such as stroke. enter image description here

I do wonder the effectiveness of the middle strike thru line because I would be afraid to click on it. Just my 2 cents.

  • I've since lightened the weight and added a non-primary counterpart. Thanks for your contribution, it really helped :) – Dev Sep 29 '16 at 7:18

You may ask the question on graphic forum. But a quick glance indicates that the horizontal line will hinder the text while scanning. You can also shift the line towards bottoms or dim the sharpness.

Also just a suggestion, put the image with problem(text in this case) for better answers/suggestion.

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