I am creating a new website for my design/programming studio. A good option is add box at the bottom of site like "Please leave your phone number, we call back " ?

Or maybe it is unnecessary element ?

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It depends on what your audience wants.

Sometimes potential customers will be on your website and they want to call with a question but they aren't able to call you at that moment, a tool like this is good for that. You will have to add a field where they can select when they want to be called though, nobody wants to wait an entire day for a call.

But if your potential customers aren't really the type to call, but rather chat or have e-mail contact, it might be unnecessary to use a call-me-back tool.

  • At 8-16 i am in other work and I can't to pick up a call. I'can't put my phone number in website. I think that email address + phone box is the best solution. Commented Sep 22, 2016 at 12:39

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