I am in the following situation.


A web-based functional configuration-tool for 2 of our systems shall be created, whereas the financial advantage of System A over System B should be shown alongside with the built-in components (so as kinda table).
The user (mostly internal sales people) selects the appropiate configuration (radio buttons, text boxes, nothing special), and the built-in components should be shown depending on those configurations.

The problem:

Since the comparison should be in focus of the user, I cannot simply place 2 tables showing the components and their costs among themselves, since the user would have to scroll down for System B and cannot directly see the price advantage in detail.

Info: The 2 systems consist of ~ 6 components, whereas they share 3 of them.

I just graduated from grammar school and make an internship, please have indulgence.

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There are many ways to show side-by-side comparisons for both features and prices, but I could see you setting up a "configurator" type page where as the user selects features, they are added to the two side-by-side columns and a total price is shown at the top for each (and possibly an item-by-item price in line). Picture something like this, but with checkboxes (or something) stacked on the side with each feature, to be added or removed:

enter image description here

Very simple example, without more details on your project, but a start (I MAY have time to mock something up later).

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