I need to do a remote usability study where users are using two monitors to do a task. I was curious if others have had to do something similar and if so how did you execute on such a study. Specifically being able to observe both of the users screens at once.

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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this isn't a User Experience question; it's a request for tools / products etc. Product recommendation questions are not in scope for this site I'm afraid. – JonW Sep 1 '16 at 14:29
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    I'm asking if/how other peers have done remote testing when having to record a user performing a task on dual monitors. How is this not in the realm of User Experience? Is this not the proper place to ask about User Studies? – dmasini Sep 1 '16 at 14:36
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    @dmasini I think with a rewording the question could work. Perhaps instead of focusing on the tools you focus the question on the methodology/study and a good answer would surely include the "how" which would include tools. – DasBeasto Sep 1 '16 at 14:56
  • Ok. Will see if this edit is better. – dmasini Sep 1 '16 at 15:09
  • I can't imagine any of the remote-testing platforms support this. I hope you get some good alternatives. – Ken Mohnkern Sep 1 '16 at 16:34