I am just making a little app and it collects team data. One of my fields is "number of players". In this sense I mean how many players are playing on the pitch at any given time. But it could certainly be construed as how many players are in your roster. So i'm a little stuck as to a better way to word this? Any ideas would be great

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More context around your app and needs would certainly help better provide a solution, but how about simply labeling the field "Players on Pitch"?


Perhaps you could solve this with some data organization. Provide context to the data you're collecting.

Group data related to the pitch together, and group data related to the roster together.


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Number of active players or number of starters would work.


You could set it as a question that the user will answer.

  • How many on you roster?
  • How many on the pitch?

May seem verbose, but clearer.

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