I have a site with a page that contains multiple editable fields with html values. User can click in them and edit the text inside them.

Note that the fields are present in a grid with PAGER.

For spellcheck functionality-

Option 1

Should I show the incorrect words marked up and let them correct the spellings word by word? Issues in this method:

  • This requires user to page through to see all incorrect words
  • Also, it is not possible to give 'correct all occurrences'/'ignore all occurrences'

Option 2

Show a list of incorrect words in a pop-up and let them correct the spellings from the list?

How can I decide which way to go?

  • Why not use the built in spell checker that is already available in most browsers? – Ilias Bennani Aug 24 '16 at 6:34
  • 1
    Html5 spellcheck implementation is different for different browsers. Also, my editors are html editors, html5 spellcheck doesn't work as intended. – user2412146 Aug 24 '16 at 6:43

I think most users want to see in what context they made a typo, and want to rearead it to make sure it was not the system that false reported it. I wouldn't go for option 2.

You could go for option 1 and provide an extra check after proceeding (saving, editing, whatever your application does) in case a spelling mistake was found; asking the user to edit this list of words.

The program could automatically slide to each spelling mistake like in Word or Indesign spellcheck software.

If I had to pick one of your given options, I'd choose option 1 because it gives broader feedback to the user.

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In combination to option 1, you could mark the pager-items that link to pages with typo's in them. For example:

1  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ] [ 4* ] [ 5 ] [ 6* ]

Where page 4 and 6 still have unrevised errors.

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