So we have an app where we separate brands with Mens only tab or Womens only tab. In the Mens section when you click on a brand names you immediately view their products (which of course will have male only products) and vice versa for Women.

But some of the brands sell both Mens and Womens products. I was wondering if its good UX Flow to have a third tab labeled M&W?


Our thought process behind it was we didn't want to have repeat brand names in both Men side and Women side respectively e.g(Brand A appearing in both Men Only and Women Only side) which is why we opted to add a third tab.

Also its an IOS app

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    I think you'd lose a lot of sales on those brands if you didn't include them in their specific gender as well. When I go online shopping I always click right into mens, I wouldn't bother looking for M&W and if I saw it I still likely wouldn't go in it.
    – DasBeasto
    Aug 15 '16 at 20:27

Yes, it would be bad usability approach. Users will search clothes by gender and then brands. If you have to repeat them, so be it, even better.

User Case

John Doe, a male user, will look for pants. He might have a brand preference, but he'll be interested basically in men's clothes. So he will click the "Men" tab, hopefully finding what he was looking for.

Now imagine mixing men and women clothes in the same taxonomy: first of all, our user John Doe will wonder:

what is Men and Women? Transgender clothes? Unisex clothes? Something else?

even worse, he decides to click. Now he's lost between lots of items that are of absolutely no interest for him, making him frustrated and having to start the whole process again.

In short

Men and Women tabs are just fine (consider Children if needed). Brands are superfluous, they come and go, but genders are static. But if you want to make it easy for users to browse by brand, simply add a search feature, preferably a faceted search

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