My goal is to create a signup screen that allows the easiest and most secure way to pay for a product.

In most cases, I can improve the security and reduce payment disputes by using brand specific sign in flows. (Visa/Mastercard/Amex)

However, when it comes to ease of use, some people love Paypal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

My goal is to create a flow that allows for both flexibility and security. Some of the proposed currencies include

Brand specific:

Aggregate, supports many different payment types above

Proposed design:

  1. Screen 1 asks what kind of card are you using (Visa/Master/Amex/Bitcoin)
  2. Based on the selection above, then present the user with a place to type a card number in. Below that include a sign in for a Visa/Paypal/Google Pay.
  3. If the machine happens to be OSX sierra, then add the Apple Pay button. It will automatically remain hidden if Apple pay isn't set up.


Is this a good payment flow? What can be improved?

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It seems you're over complicating things. If users already have a preferred payment method, then the credit card step is not needed at all (not to mention they might use services that are funded by different methods than credit card. For example: Paypal users may fund with wire transfers, have credit from payments, etc).

In short, it's as easy as this: Make your users select a service, like this:

How would you like to pay?

-> Paypal

-> Google Pay

-> Apple Pay on the web

-> Venmo

and from there, users will be able to select the credit card (if needed)

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