In the URL, we have something like www.mywebsite.com/289392173892yhe9uiduishafudihsaufihsadiufhiudsa

The app ID is pretty gross. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it better?

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  • What are your constraints? This hash has to be part of the URL, correct? So you ask what could be added to this URL? – unor Aug 14 '16 at 16:35

If the App has a name or label, you can generate a slug from it and append a random ID for uniqueness, or keep appending to the slug until you find a unique one.

For instance, an App called "My first project" could have my-first-project-1737 has the ID. This is similar to what Google does in the Developer's Console, where each project is given a unique, readable slug.

If that App ID is used as a key for an API or something like that, then you will want to stick with a long, random hash made of numbers/letters so that it can't be guessed from the name (assuming it's public, but still).

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