I would like to ask what is the best solution for onboarding users dashboard.

Scenario A

  1. when user login i will show them a big image to tell them that must add subscribers.
  2. when they add 2 subscribers show the sidebar column with the list with subscribers.
  3. and replace the image with the next task.

Scenario B

    when user login i will show them a big image to tell them that must add subscribers and lock the sidebar widgets (ex. list of subscribers)

Scenario C

    when user login i will show a popup for the next task.

Scenario D

    Show all my dashboard and at the top of sidebar a small box with next task


  1. Add new subscribers
  2. Add new event
  3. Send new sms campaign.
  4. Send new email campaign.

The application is for event scheduler, email and sms newsletters


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When I interact with an app I want to feel that I am in control. I would go with Option D simply because locking out functionality makes an app feel "over guided". I would change the small box at the top with the next task to a noticeable top-of-page banner displaying the next required task to complete the current action.


since there is business logic between the tasks (#1 happens before #2, #3 and #4 cannot start before #2 is completed), and people expect this logic (they know why they use your solution), I'd go with "D", so that people feel that they're making progress in a wizard

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