Really liked @wnathanlee's USA-question, and it's UK-counterpart but I would like to broaden the field a bit.

I know there are some great conferences/sessions/symposiums/seminars out there on the subject of User Interface Design and Web Usability. If I had to pick one to go to within the next year, which one should it be? And why?

A few disclaimers:

  • I would be restricted to a conference inside Europe
  • Recommendations based on experience of actually attending are preferred
  • One conference per answer, please

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2012 should feature another "The Web and Beyond" in The Netherlands (probably Amsterdam). Checl http://www.thewebandbeyond.nl/ for the 2010 edition (and http://www.thewebandbeyond.nl/2010/website/organisation/ for links to the 2006 and 2008 editions).


Well, there's an NNG Usability Week in London in November. I attended last year and it was a great inspiration for my work. 4 of 5 workshops I visited were very interesting plus you meet tons of people working in the same field - that alone would be worth it. So yep, I'd definitely recommend it and I'll attend again this year (San Francisco this time).


The IXDA conference seems to roam around the world. Next year (2012), it will be in Ireland: http://interaction12.ixda.org/


I am biassed because I'll be presenting, but it seems WebExpo Europe (http://webexpo.net/) this September in Prague would be a good fit too.

  • there aren't many details on the web page about Web Expo - could you let us know what its about, or some topics that will be there?
    – icc97
    Aug 8, 2011 at 5:58

Design by Fire (october, Netherlands) is a really nice one I think. I've been to the last two conferences, going to the next one as well.

What I like is that they cover a quite broad area around interaction/experience design which tries to discover the borders a bit. For example:

  • The Psychology of Creativity and Information is Beautiful in 2010
  • Seeing Things in Full Color (While Others See It in Black and White), The Music of Interaction Design and Who Dares Wins in 2009

Since last year they also have workshops next to it.

And really nice if you live in the Netherlands, to visit the bi-monthly cafés, with a talk and some drinks.


There is the annually uxcamp europe!. It's organized as a barcamp and has attendees from all over europe. Sessions are held in English.

I visited the uxcamp two times. It was really great. People used to share a lot of insights as you feel that it's more some kind of community event. So you don't try to shine in front of potential clients etc.


I really enjoyed the UX Lx in Lisbon last year. Didn't attend the two workshop days but th conference day was great - fantastic speakers, great talks, very nice organization and attendees from all over the world.

Lisbon is a fantastic city - you might checkout the conference website for the event in 2013 http://www.ux-lx.com/

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